ÇVŞ Hydraulic is a brand of Çavuşoğlu Bombe.

Cavusoglu Bombe began to serve in Konya in 1996 by our founder and general manager Ramazan GÜNTER. In the first years, our company started production in printing presses and stamping services, also developed ourself in production hidrosiklon and dished head blends in with the given year of experience with technology began to serve our customers.


Cavusoglu Bombe absolutely uncompromising quality of its products and business since its inception. In the manufacturing of dished head sector in which it operates within a short time has become a owner firm.Domestic and international marketing strategies, our company is growing with each passing day continues to operate on the principle of 100% customer satisfaction.


Our company’s production process continues in this direction in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 and CE standards.


Cavusoglu Bombe has addes new product production portfolio which is Weldless Steel Tank (Hydraulic Power Unit) in 2017. When the companies main problems which is making production of Hydraulic power unit the time and workmanship, Cavusoglu Bombe has improved their industry-leading. The company is growing day by day with is domestic and internatiol market strategies and continue to increase its products portfolio


For being the preferred and leader company in our sector; production high quality, affordable and reliable metal pump and tanks to provide customer expectation and requirements


We educate all of our employees for our quality levels continuously improve and to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. By increasing our production volume; we contribute directly employment and the local economy, also indirectly contribute to our country’s economy

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